Tender Notice For Environmental and Social Impact Assessments (ESIAs) Of Kyaukphyu Special Economic Zone Deep Sea Port Project

Tender Notice

For Environmental and Social Impact Assessments (ESIAs)


Kyaukphyu Special Economic Zone Deep Sea Port Project


RFP No.: KPSEZ-DSP-RFP-2021-002

Posting Date:January 25, 2021


Kyaukphyu Special Economic Zone Management Committee and Kyaukphyu Special Economic Zone Deep Sea Port Co., Ltd. (the “Concessionaire”) entered into a Concession Agreement for the latter to carry out the conceptualization, design, build, finance, operation, maintenance and transfer of a deep sea port facility comprising the Yanby lsland terminal, the Made Island terminal, a bridge connecting the two islands and an approximately 15km access road to the Kyaukphyu Special Economic Zone Industrial Park in Kyaukphyu District, Rakhine State, Myanmar (the “Project”).

CITIC Consortium Myanmar Port Investment Limited (the “Client”), the leading shareholder of the Concessionaire, is authorized to carry out the Environmental and Social Impact Assessments (ESIAs) (the “Work”) of the Project on behalf of the Concessionaire. The purpose of this Tender Notice is to invite the bids for the execution of the Work and enable the interested bidders to obtain the RFP Documents.

Scope of Work

The specific objective of the Work is to provide consultancy services and field investigation to carry out Scoping, Investigation and Reporting of the Project’s EIA process, in accordance with the Myanmar EIA Procedures and other applicable laws, to obtain the Environmental Compliance Certificate.

Application Procedures

  1. Send an expression of interest letter to the E-mail address stated-below
  2. Transfer a non-refundable fee of USD 2,000 (Two Thousand US Dollars) to the following bank account to purchase the electronic version RFP Documents, which will be available for download through a web link provided by the Client after its confirmation of the remittance.

Application Deadline

Interested bidders should submit their application and purchase RFP Documents by February 8, 2021, 15:00pm Myanmar time.

Client’s information:

Address: No. (B-02-01), Golden City Business Center, CMA Old Building, Yankin

Road, Yankin Township, Yangon, Myanmar.

Contacts: Mr. Zhu Xuyang (Email: zhuxy20@citic.com ; Tel: +95-9-979331299,+86-13522748848)

Mr. Yan Xiaoxian (Email: yanxx2@citic.com ; Tel: +95-9-445339138,+86-13811615808)


Notice and Disclaimers:

  1. This Tender Notice can also be found on the following websites:
  1. Formal bids or proposals shall be submitted as per the detailed requirements listed in the RFP Documents.
  2. The Client bears no responsibilities and/or liabilities for any cost or expense incurred by bidders in preparation or delivery of bids.
  3. Further details on the RFP process is included in the documentation to be obtained through the above process.
  4. An online briefing meeting is planned and the arrangements will accordingly be advised to the successful applicants.

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