About Kyauk Phyu

Kyauk Phyu is located in Yanbye island, under the administration of Kyauk Phyu district which is composed of four townships: Kyauk Phyu, Yanby, Man Aung and Ann townships with the total land area of 3704.03 square-miles and the population of 587963.

Kyaukphyu or Kyaukpru

Historically, Arakan State , Burma , had 12 territories which include Ramree Island or Ramawadi or Ramapura island , according to myth of Rakhine histroy, the original name was Wan-Be , because of its shape look like duck figure in the pound , and according to myth of Buddha era, its name of Wan-Be was mentioned from Buddha who stopovered in this area during the trip and later, it changed to the name of Ramree.

Accorindg to histroy record , after Englo-Burma First war 1824-1826, British occupied Arakhan region including Ramee Island and it became one of four districts Switte, Ern, Sandwee and Ramree. In 1829, administration of Ern District changed to to Kyaukpyu and became British’s main military base in Aarakan and in 1837 , Ramree District under Kyaukphyu District and become colonial administration region. read more...